Experience the Legendary Green Lantern

The Most Iconic Brothel in Nevada

green and blue string lights
green and blue string lights
First of all

Welcome to the Green Lantern

The Green Lantern is a legendary brothel that has been serving customers on and off since 1970 until its closure in 1999. We are excited to announce our grand reopening in June 2024. Come and experience the best adult entertainment that Nevada has to offer.

Not to mention

Experience the Ultimate Pleasure

At Green Lantern, we offer a variety of services to fulfill your desires. Our beautiful and skilled ladies are here to provide you with the ultimate pleasure.

person lying on red textile
person lying on red textile
And let's not forget

Luxurious Accommodations

Our facility has 10 rooms and a bar. Wind down, relax and have a drink with a beautiful woman.

OPENING 06-2024

Light up your night with Green Lantern

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